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Fundraise with the Force

Last season, the Fargo Force introduced a new fundraising program for area non-profit organizations, schools, youth groups, churches, athletic teams, college groups and more to raise funds for their group! With their fundraising program you can receive tickets at a great discount and earn up to $4 per ticket sold. The program is easy to put together and a great way to raise money!

Here’s how the program works:
1. A group or organization who wishes to raise funds is provided with the tools needed to run an organized fundraiser.
2. The team then sells as many tickets as they possibly can in any of our 3 lower reserved sections.
3. The group pays the Force for the tickets sold and keeps up to $4 from every ticket.
4. On the night of the game, the group and their supporters enjoy an exciting night of Force hockey!

Things to remember…

- All orders must be made for a minimum of 75 tickets
- Tickets may be sold at any price equal to or below face value
- Payment must be received 2 weeks prior to game date*
- Tickets are only valid for the game chosen and are non-refundable*
*Unless they are vouchers

Click here for additional information on the Fargo Force Fundraising Program or download the informational packet here.

Kasey will be happy to assist with any questions you may have in regards to our program.
Kasey Pulkrabek at kaseyp@fargoforce.com or 701.356.4390.
When you’re fundraising with the Force, everybody wins!

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