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The Fargo Force are proud to have such great fans! So proud in fact that we decided to flaunt them to the world. The Fargo Force Fan Spotlight gives us a chance to show off just how great our fans are and provide a little insight into just what they are all about. Enjoy!
Abby Anderson with former Fargo Force forward Austin Farley.

Fan Spotlight: Abby Anderson

How long have you been a season ticket holder?
Just became a season ticket holder.

What is your seat location?
Section 105

Why did you initially purchase your tickets?
I love hockey and the team is great.

Who is your all-time favorite Force player?
Austin Farley is my all-time fave.

What is your normal game-day routine?
Making posters and wearing Force gear then going to the game.

Any superstitions or habits special to Force games?

What is the craziest thing you have seen or experienced at a Force game?
My very first game, Brandon Carlson got into a fist-fight with an Omaha Lancer lol

What is the coolest piece of Force memorabilia you have?
A picture with Austin Farley ;)

What is your favorite part about Fargo Force hockey?
The fights haha and the singing Zamboni driver

Why are the Fargo Force fans the best in the USHL?
Win or lose we will got the BEST TEAM IN THE USHL! x)

Thanks for the fan support Abby!

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