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The purpose of the Fargo Force Reading Program is to encourage youth in our community to develop a love for reading and to promote the value, importance and enjoyment of reading and literacy. The program is designed to reward those students who spend a portion of their time reading.

Registration Information

Registration for the 2013-14 Fargo Force Reading Program is now closed. Check back for registration for the 2014-15 program.


“This past year I had the opportunity to participate in the Fargo Force Reading program.  My students were excited to set goals and were very proud as they completed each period and got their prizes.  I was fortunate to have some very good readers this year and the Force rewarded one of my students with the Reader of the Month.  This was a wonderful opportunity for this student to be recognized for something that he loves…reading!  My one class also read the most minutes in the area and won the overall reaching challenge.  We were treated to a special day at Scheel’s Arena where we met the players and watched practice.  The players and coaches were so friendly and encouraging reading as well as sports as being important in life.  This program is very easy to participate in and the staff you work with is very friendly!  I will definitely be participating again and love that the Fargo Force are supporting our schools.  Thanks so much!
Jen Tjaden
Grade 5
Hawley Elementary

“The Fargo Force Reading Program has been a great incentive for my students. They are always excited to start and and sad when it comes to an end. All of my students buy into the program and love the potential meet and greet with the players and coaches. Thanks!!”
Boe Sheeley
Grade 3
S.G. Reinertson Elementary

“My fourth grade class has participated in the Fargo Force reading challenge for a few years. The students love the rewards, especially the backpack! It encourages them to read more. We finished off the program this year with a classroom visit from two of the goalies. What a hit!”
Kim Sufficool
Grade 4
Hawley Elementary

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